Dieter Gyselinck - Curriculum Vitae

Stefaniestraat 29
2018 Antwerpen
Phone : +32 (0)3 297 60 40
Mobile : +32 (0)473 96 95 63

º Roeselare 5 October 1975
Legally cohabiting


St. Jozefscollege Tielt, September 1993
ASO, Wetenschappelijke B

Katholieke Hogeschool Oostende, June 1997
A1 Electronics degree option Telecommunication

Additional courses

Javascipt Fundamentals (IBM), June 2000
User Experience 01/02 (Jacob Nielsen), November 2001


Recent technical skills

- Python / Django
- JavaScript / jQuery / React / AngularJS / Ext JS / Bootstrap / Node.js (Npm/Gulp) / Coffeescript
- HTML5 / XML / CSS (Sass - Less) / XSL / (RESTful) web services
- Objective-C & Swift (iOS, iPhone and iPad development) / Xcode / Cocoa / Interface Builder
- Java / Jsp / Servlets / JSF / Hibernate / Maven / Ant / Eclipse
- MySQL / SQLite / Oracle / PostgreSQL / PostGIS
- Php / Symfony2
- Phonegap Cordova
- Information Architecture / Usability guidelines
- Adobe Flex / Apache configuration / nginx / Reddot CMS (OpenText) / Drupal
- OS X / Linux (Ubuntu)
- GIS and OGM standards.

Past technical skills

- Perl
- Coldfusion
- MS Windows


Dutch : good knowlegde
English : good knowlegde
Frans : basic knowlegde


Uncle IT (Freelance), October 2003 - Present

In 2003 I started my own company and worked on projects for both small and large corporations.

Vito, October 2017 - Present

Development and architecture of the front end library that is used to automate the creation of several GIS viewers. The library consists of several ES6 JavaScript components that can be combined to create a GIS viewer.

iFlux, October 2017 - Present

Automation of the business backend in order to organize the key parts that are used to measure the speed and direction of contaminant spreading underground over a certain period. The application is used to create a visual representation of the installation setup. After a measurement phase, the analysis data is imported and used to calculate the ground water and contaminant fluxes. The tool is written in Django, JavaScript and D3.js.

Vito, May 2017 - September 2017

Front-end and middle tier development for the Atmosys planning tool. This planning tool is a data management interface that allows researchers to configure scenario’s with Geospatial data and calculate the impact based on the air quality models of Vito. Researches can specify fe. tunnels or low emission zones and verify the impact of the changes on the air quality. The tool is written in JavaScript, Python, Django and the Django Rest Framework.

Vito, September 2016 - May 2016

Backend API development for the Energy Calculation tool written in Python, Django and the Django Rest Framework.

Vito, July 2016 - December 2016

Bug fixes and improvements for the Django based microsites framework.
Analysis of the generation of Pdf documents for the Geo-data and map based tools with JavaScript.

Vito, May 2016 - July 2016

Technical analysis of the React JavaScript library in order to improve the front-end development process. Implementation of the Front-end application for the Dian tool with the React framework.

Labcyte, January 2016 - today

Labcyte is a company based in Silicon Valley that moves liquid with sound. The liquid handling machines write all calibration data in HDF-files. In order to interpret the information in a straightforward way, Labcyte asked me to develop visualisation software for the data. The backend API of the visualisation component is written in Python/Django and uses Bootstrap, D3.js and JavaScript to visualise the waveforms and analysis data.

iCapps, August 2014 - december 2015

iOS development of the iPhone app for the Zembro bracelet. The Zembro bracelet is the first intelligent bracelet specially designed for the elderly. The iPhone app reacts on bracelet alarms and allows the family to contact the elder.

Vito, May 2014 - August 2015

Creation of various websites and apps based on the Django CMS solution that was instantiated in 2014. Development of an Edit In Place solution for the Content Management solution and streamlining the setup procedure.

Sampalu, May 2014 - August 2015

Finalisation of the Sampalu sequencer app for kids. This native iOS app uses core audio to meet the necessary performance for synchronous playback of audio samples and asynchronous communication with the visualisation thread. The server side web services are migrated from a Php to a Python Django environment.

My Personal Stylist, March 2014 - May 2015

Analysis and development of a prototype that improves the online shopping experience. The prototype is based on Python and the Django framework.

Telenet, October 2014 - March 2015

Transfer and integration of from Drupal to AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). Development and integration of the custom applications in the AEM content management system based on Java, JCR and Angular.

KBC, January 2014 - October 2014

Development lead (HTML5 - JavaScript - css) for the new online banking app for tablets. The development is based on Node.js, Grunt and AngularJS. The focus is on a very clean implementation of the AngularJS framework to consume the web services. A thorough knowledge of the AngularJS framework and JavaScript language is required.

Vito, April 2013 - January 2014

Visualisation of Geographical in situ and Earth Observation data.
The geospatial data is gathered with Python and consolidated in a PostGIS database that feeds Geoserver. The front end application is build with Ext JS and Openlayers, the backend combines Java servlets and Python cgi-scripting with a Gis enabled PostgreSQL database that is accessed through a GeoServer.
Visualization of air quality maps and SMOG episodes for the main air pollution parameters. Generation and visualization of Geo referenced time-series.

Used technology : Bootstrap, JSF with Java managed beans & JavaScript, GeoServer.
Content Management Solution for the Urban Climate Service Center. The team needed a website where tools and scientific content can easily be blended and maintained.
Used technology: Bootstrap, Django and Python.

Rombit, October 2013 - January 2014

Improvement of the online version of the Eratools application. Development of an offline solution for the Market Analysis application based on AngularJS and PhoneGap Cordova.

Vlaamse Overheid, Kind en Gezin, Februari 2013

Java and JSF (Java Server Faces) implementation of the EBL (Electronisch Bestel Loket) REST-style interface.

Make Makes, January 2013

Php development of a social media contest in Drupal 7.

ING, October 2012 - December 2012

Developer Lead on a Front End Library project with a strong focus on OOCSS, JavaScript and semantic HTML.

Deutsche Bank, June 2004 - August 2011

- Project management for the public site upgrade
- Front end development (HTML / CSS / Javascript)
- Content integration in Reddot CMS (OpenText)
- Php and Oracle development
- Php based XML transformations
- Analysis iPhone access for Online Banking
- Jsp/Java development
- Integration of Adobe Flex charts

Selor, February 2007 - March 2008

- Php development of subscription forms
- Back-end applications for the subscriptions management

Sample Projects

oCurrency is a free currency converter for the iPhone. The conversion rates can be synced or updated manually. The converter uses large buttons to ensure easy typing. The app was developed to train Objective-C skills and go through the process of finalizing a native iPhone application.
Application download


The Sampalu application is a sequencer driven animation game for kids. It allows kids to add animal sounds to tunes that can be created with a 16 step sequencer. Tunes can be organised in Songs and these songs can be shared among diffrent users. This project is currently avaliable in a closed beta version. Used technology : iOS & Rest web service.

Branch Finder for Deutsche Bank
The Branch Finder application allows users to locate the nearest Branch and view the Branch details. Employees can manage the data with a back-end module. Used technology : Php - Oracle - MySQL - Google Maps - Javascript - jQuery

Pension Simulation for Deutsche Bank
The online application calculates the legal pension and provides an overview of the future financial state at retirement age. Used technology : Php - Oracle - Adobe Flex - Javascript - jQuery

Online Satisfaction enquiries for Deutsche Bank
Configurable application for the intake of enquiry data. The data model is coupled to an external data format. After the data gathering, the data is transformed to the specified format and transferred for the analysis. Technology used : Php - Oracle - Javascript - jQuery

Data tracking - MyBank for Deutsche Bank
Registration module with a personalised environment for the Public Site. The users interest in specific financial domains is tracked and can be exported to the callcenter back end. The data can be used for marketing campaigns and mailings. Used technology : JSP with Java Servlets - Javascript - Oracle

Periodic Investments for Deutsche Bank
Profit calculation of a recurring investment in funds with a variable interest rate over a period of maximum 40 years. The profit is compared to the gain of a normal savings account and visualised with an Adobe Flex Chart. Used technology : Jsp with Java Servlets - Adobe Flex

XML Parser for product pages
The XML parser downloads and transforms selected product pages from the public site. The pages are bundled so that they can be integrated in the Online Banking environment. Used technology : Python - MySQL - Php

Planet Internet NV, April 2000 - August 2002

Member of the Strike-team
- Bug fixing for the Media Portal.

Online marketing product portal
- e-Channel manager ISP-products
- Information Architecture, user testing and project management for the product portal
- Online traffic building
- Search engine positioning
- Online media planning

Agfa Belgium NV, October 1997 - April 2000

- Technical assistance for sales
- Setup and support of archiving applications (ALD 4000)
- Setup and scripting of COM applications